Shooting From Scratch


John King, the ‘Clay Shooting Coaches Coach’ takes TV celebrities Zoe Salmon and Iwan Thomas who are complete beginners, through a series of Clay Shooting lessons. The above Clay Shooting video gives you an insight to the Shooting From Scratch Clay Shooting DVD.

The series of video lessons that you will share with our Stars are fast paced and full of fun but most importantly, provide the essential information that anyone learning to shoot needs to know.

To ensure the system of shooting is fully understood, the DVD videos feature clear diagrams to reinforce John’s lessons.

Shooting From Scratch was released in 2009 and has already been quoted as ‘the best ever Clay Pigeon Shooting DVD’.

Check out the video snippet to see John in action clay shooting with the celebrities. 

Shooting From Scratch is a Stitchcombe Productions DVD.

"I can not thank you enough for the copy of your DVD Clay Shooting From Scratch. Six months ago a friend invited me along to a sporting clay shoot, I was rather apprehensive having never fired a shotgun before, but after hitting my first clay and then another I got a real buzz, at the end of the shoot I finished with just over 50% I was told that was very good for a beginner, I was hooked.

"Lately somewhere along the line I lost my way, I started missing clays that I have had no problem with before, getting very disappointed and despondent I began to wonder if shooting was for me, then your DVD arrived. 

"Standing in front of the television with my gun watching your DVD, I followed the instructions you were giving to Zoe and Iwan, it soon became clear to me that I had somehow developed some bad habits, after two days watching it over and over and following your instructions my action became smoother and I felt a lot more comfortable with the gun, a cloud had been lifted, I can't wait for my next shoot.

"I would recommend your DVD to any one who feels they have a problem, it's a must have for novices, I would advise your readers not to waste money on any other DVD all they need is John King's Clay Shooting From Scratch the best one by far. My gun was destined to spend a lonely life locked away never to see a clay again, not now thanks to you, you are a saviour."

only £24.99

Dispatched within 48 hours

to UK residents

Featuring popular television personalities

Iwan Thomas

“John taught me not to rush it and it’s amazing when you’re focused, just how much time you have. In reality it’s only a couple of seconds but John just got me to see everything clearer.”


Zoe Salmon

“I was a complete clay shot beginner and had low expectations of my first lesson. But after my first shot, I was relieved that John’s reassurances of no recoil were true. I was amazed I shattered my first clay target on my second shot!”