TV Stars Have Clay Pigeon Gain: Without the Pain!

Post Lesson Power of Shot Demonstration  

At the end of their first lesson; Zoe & Iwan were shown the power of shot at close range. (As all first time pupils should be shown)

For the demonstration I used Zoe‘s 28 bore firing a light (18gram load ) cartridge at a steel plate at about 1 metre distance. They were both shocked at the hole blown in the plate; as most people are (See page 25 of the book).

Ensuring Comfort when Shooting

Firstly the guns:- The stocks have the sharp toe rounded off so that all the butt fits snugly into the shoulder pocket. A 1‘‘ Kickeeze pad ( A fantastic product from the USA ) is fitted to the butt. This pad which absorbs much of the recoil and prevents the stock slipping in the shoulder when the gun is fired.The Stocks also have lead added ( 4oz. in the 28bore 5oz in the 20 bore ) Putting a little extra weight behind the Action, further absorbs recoil.

Using light load cartridges also of course reduces felt recoil.

Zoe and Iwan were both wearing Musto‘s 2010 latest design in shooting Vests. These have pockets inside both shoulders so that left or Right handers can slip in a gel recoil pad to the appropriate shoulder pocket.

Anyone taking up Shotgun shooting can take advantage of these very simple, but highly effective ways of reducing felt recoil and greatly enhancing comfort.

I promise you that once you have experienced totally comfortable shooting; you will never want to revert.

Next time I will tell you how our two Stars fared in their second lesson.


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