Learning Clay Shooting


Now to reassure you just how easy it can be for any one to learn the basics of Clay Shooting; I am going to introduce to a simple systematic way of learning to point a shotgun naturally.

This system is known as "The Method" and has (in my opinion) a number of advantages over other approaches: Firstly; The Method utilizes the humans natural ability and desire to point. Right handers learn to point their left hand; left handers learn to point their right.

The second advantage is that this system requires the shooter to make a simple logical plan for every different target. With the same step by step plan always being applied in the same logical sequence. This of course encourages a disciplined approach to every target.

This systematic approach is so easy to follow and can be very quickly learned. It also (with very minor modifications) can be applied to any clay target in any discipline; or indeed to any bird in a Game or Clay shooting situation.

Let me describe how the Clay Shooting "Method" would be applied to a straight forward single right to left crossing target: Firstly that logical step by step plan.

1. Choose your ‘Kill Point’ (a personal choice) but based on simple logic; too soon, and you will be rushing. Too late and the target may well be dropping and possibly is being effected by windy conditions.

2. Choose your feet position. So, so important, and so often forgotten. You need to be squeezing that trigger when you are most bodily comfortable and most bodily efficient.

Forget clay shooting for a second: close you eyes and think how important your feet positioning would be if you were - passing a rugby ball, or making a stroke with a bat, racket or club: I rest my case !

To help you get this right every time; imagine that you are stood in a clock face , and your ‘Kill Point’ is at 12-o-clock. Place your feet at about five-past-eleven. Stand comfortably with you heels about 6-8 inches apart. Your left foot (right handers) should be a little in front of your right , with most of your weight being channelled through that leading foot.

Always carry out this 'Kill Point/Clock' check to ensure that your torso wants to turn naturally towards the point where you are going to shoot the target. Remember; when you are planning for Clay Shooting or Skeet doubles; you will often need to have thought about two different feet positions.

3. Choose your ‘Pick Up Point’. When you have watched a target in flight you will need to have selected a position along the flight path where you personally feel that you can see it clearly but soonest. This choice will always be a compromise. If you try to pick the target up too close to the trap; it will be a blur and you will waste time chasing it. If you pick it up too late, you will deprive yourself of shooting time and probably rush the shot and miss.

Subjective I know; but I reckon that getting the ‘Pick Up' just right is about 80% towards the success of the shot!

See it's easy to learn Clay Shooting!

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