Clay Traps


If you are now attending Clay shoots, you will be seeing a multitude of clay targets presented to challenge and excite. 

Varying sizes, different colours, bewildering combinations of angles and distances - a limitless variety of fantastic fun.

This endless variety is achieved via the skills of the layout designer using the ultra modern Clay Trap - the clever machine that throws thousands of clay targets year in year out. 

If you have been visiting the best Shooting Schools/Grounds, they will for sure have one factor in common, they will all be using PROMATIC Clay Trap. A truly British engineering success story, that now has worldwide clay shooting acclaim.

The rapid passing of time is quite scary, as I remember a Promatic prototype (automatic as we all called them then) being brought to Barbury Shooting School for demonstration. It was quite revolutionary in that it was powered by one 12Volt battery which made it extremely portable.

It would not be possible to describe each of the vast range of Promatic Clay Traps as they now manufacture more than 60 models for use all over the world. Visiting  the 'Trap' page of their website will give you a good idea of what is on offer.

Despite their success, Promatic have never forgotten the 'Grass Root' individual and small cub shooter. If you have a suitable piece of land (or use of such) you can provide hours of fun and invaluable practice for yourself and others. If you treat (and it won’t break the bank) yourself to a Promatic single stack Clay Trap. Buying an 'Elite' or ' Hawk' will be an investment that you will always be pleased that you made. You will also be pleased that the Promatic team will always be very willing to advise and help you with best and safest ways to use your trap.

A few words of advice from me: Firstly, before you do start throwing clay targets on any piece of land, do make sure that you do not cause danger or nuisance to any one else. Do check that footpaths and bridleways are not in close proximity. If you ensure that you have 300 yards in a 45 degree arc of clear view and shot fallout, you will create a safe shooting area.

Do tell your neighbours when you plan to shoot, and check with them that you have not caused a noise nuisance. It is also a good idea to tell your local police when you plan to shoot.

Adding the cost of a good radio release system to your trap will provide so much more versatility - enabling you to move around a wide variety of angles (safety fallout of shot permitting) without moving the Clay Trap

Do follow the very simple and minimal cleaning/maintenance information provided with the Clay Trap.

Finally, do remember your safety shooting glasses when you are in the vicinity of falling/flying clays and do not try to load/move/adjust any Clay Trap that is 'Armed’.


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