T.V. Celebrities Love John’s Latest Book

Zoe Salmon converts to Clay Shooting  

Two T.V. celebrities; ZOE SALMON & IWAN THOMAS are John’s latest converts to Clay Pigeon Shooting. They have just completed a series of lessons with John and are buzzing with excitement about their new found shooting skills.

Zoe was a complete beginner with quite low expectations; and started with a 28 bore. After her first shot, she was very relieved that John’s assurances that she would not suffer any recoil were true. To her joy and amazement she shattered her first Clay Target with her second shot.

Iwan Thomas Has His First Attempt

Iwan began his first lesson with a 30’’ barrelled 20 bore; he had confessed to having participated in one brief Clay shooting session in which he said that to his great disappointment, he had done very badly. As a top athlete ( European Champion & 400m. World Record holder) Iwan was focused on achieving a very high success rate: He was very pleased for Zoe in that she had scored highly on the first target (A right to left crossing clay) Iwan called for his first target in a very tense state; to his horror he missed !

To his great relief he killed his second target, but did not score as highly as Zoe did in her first attempts on the same target.

Zoe & Iwan Complete Their First Shooting Lesson

Zoe & Iwan were very pleasantly surprised at how comfortable their guns were to shoot. Iwan said that he had felt quite a lot of recoil during his first previous attempt.

They were both delighted to take away “CLAY SHOOTING FOR BEGINNERS AND ENTHUSIASTS” and were very pleased to see that the diagrams in it were very easy to understand and would re-in force what they were learning.

Next week I will give more detail about how we were able to ensure Zoe & Iwan’s shooting comfort; and let you know more about their progress.

Look out for pictures and video clips coming soon.


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