Our Game Shooting days are first and foremost traditional social occasions so naturally we always start with a relaxed sit down breakfast. A wholesome English start to set everyone up for the day and to begin the process of the Guns and their guests all getting to know each other.

Tradition, and plenty of exercise in the fresh air, dictate that ‘Elevenses’ are taken mid Morning. We offer a warming soup welcomed on the coldest days, something lighter when the weather is kinder. All of course accompanied by nips of home made Sloe Gin, Damson Gin, Rasberry Vodka or other traditional Game Shooting Tipples.

At around 1pm, amazingly the Guns are hungry again and are ready to enjoy their shoot lunch; always plain simple but quality fare: steak and kidney pie, sausage and mash, and cottage pie always hot favourites and just enough to keep everyone going until tea and cake at around 4pm.

“Weight Watchers” are seldom seen on our Game Shooting Days!

John King has been involved in most forms of Field and Game Shooting since he was around 8 years old (a long time)!

He began organising Formal Driven Pheasant and Partridge days in 1987 - when discerning clients who had learnt their shotgun shooting with him, wanted to move to, and be involved in Game Shooting.

John was determined that his Novice Game Shooting clients would only experience and enjoy the very best traditional aspects of British game shooting. He wanted them to benefit from being treated to the warmest of traditional countryside hospitality and to only ever be among ‘kindred’ spirits. Kindred, in that their fellow ‘Guns’ would all be safe, sporting, sociable shots and would appreciate all the social pleasures of participating in a traditional British country pastime.

Securing the best venues involved considerable effort because John was intent on his clients experiencing hospitality and sport that could only be provided by private shoots that had only hitherto been host to their own personal guests. John managed to persuade some of his farm/estate owning friends that they should provide days for his Nouveau Game Shooting clients, who would all behave as honoured guests.

So began a long happy relationship and to this date, some of those ‘Nouveau’ Guns are still participating in John’s days. As are in some cases, their children.

These British game shooting days continue to be the ideal starting ground for clients that come to John to be coached in preparation for the best in traditional shooting Field sports. He provides days where the teams of 8 or 9 Guns are made up from discerning individuals. Where these individuals are still at the beginner or novice stage, if he cannot spend the day at their side himself, he provides a professional Field coach that he has personally trained.

John also arranges bespoke Game Shooting Days for private families and special Corporate Shooting Events. All of these Game Shooting Days are hosted on privately owned shoots. John also acts as Field coach to his individual clients who are novices attending shoots as private and/or on Corporate Events.

The photos below offer a snippet of John's Game Shooting sessions, from a team of lady guns in action on partridges (top left), to some of the bright young shots who make up the future of game shooting!